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The importance of art in life can't be overstated. The same goes for the importance of the people who bring art into other people's lives.

Whether you are a painter, an illustrator a sculpture or any kind of artist, you are aware of the mission and the ambition that all of us share.

We are the people who bring new things into the world. We see them in our minds, or maybe the corners of our eyes, and we know that we cannot keep them to ourselves. We must commit our perspective to form that lives on—a captured moment that can never be expressed the identical way again.

Your identity surrendered if you never sell your paintings. Some of us never even want to sell our art. With or without a buyer for your work, you're still someone who creates visions that didn't exist before. Sometimes, these visions must be for you, and other times, they are made for someone it may take a lifetime for you to find. My message to all artists is to never give up hope on your art. Even if you must do it on the side, never leave your calling unfulfilled.

You are far more than the sum of your tools. Even when the paint and the brushes and the easels have all been put away, your character will still come through. I hope you never forget the importance of who you are. Never stop learning. Find your inspiration in art classes, tutors and even friends.